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Looking back over and having rewatched the episodes (along with a desire to keep everything as close to the real timeline as possible...), the only two episodes that absolutely have to occur before The Mirror in this universe are The Silver Falcon, Revelations  and The CageMatt being clued in and the revelations of what happened to Derek are too necessary for the rest of the universe to proceed smoothly.

Following The Mirror (and the events listed in various journal entries here)

Eye of the Beholder
  • At this point, it has been about a month since Elisa was changed into a Gargoyle.  She's gone through boot camp and begun working and patrolling with the others fully.  She and Goliath had a talk about their feelings, and while they are still taking things very slowly, are very much enjoying each other's company.
  • The Trio remains excited about Halloween.  Elisa sees this as little more than a reminder of everything she's lost, losing some of the ground she's made in trying to keep herself focused and not depressed.  Goliath admits to not fully understanding the holiday, but makes an effort to try and get Elisa to go out with him, reminding her that on this one night, at least, things can be as they were.  Reluctantly, she agrees, with the provision that they'll leave the festivities if she asks to.
  • The rest of the episode occurs reasonably on course, with the encounters with Xanatos and Fox.  This marks the first meeting between Xanatos and Elisa since her transformation, and it goes badly, especially with comparisons of the "werefox" to Derek in Elisa's mind.

  • Elisa, of course, still heavily objects to Goliath's going to Fox and Xanatos's wedding, especially with Demona being there.  (There's likely some very irrational jealousy on her part here; she continues to barely hold herself together and Goliath remains her one true rock of certainty).
  • Goliath himself is more reluctant to go, having none of his desire to rekindle anything with Demona as he does in the real universe.  He still does, however, on the off-chance that he can prevent anything that might happen with their enemies in the same place.  For reasons he cannot explain, he brings his half of the Phoenix Gate with him.
  • Goliath still attempts to reach out to Demona, though less in love, than in simply trying, once more, to reach the person he thought he knew.
  • The rest of the episode goes pretty much on track (Demona gets in a few cracks about how Elisa's enjoying her new life, goading and getting the better of Goliath at different points).

  • It's more accurate to say this episode does not occur.
  • Elisa and the Gargoyles do continue to work against Dracon's operation. 
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Having exhausted the episodes of the cartoon (or at least, as much as I'm willing to consider canon), at least some of what occurred in the briefly published Gargoyles comic by Slave Labor Graphics is the basis for some of the canon of Elisa's universe.

and The Journey
  • Despite her severe distrust of the man and general dislike of him on principle (especially after what he's done to Derek), Elisa acquiesces to Goliath's desire to make the castle the Clan's home again, agreeing that, whatever else might happen, they're at least in no danger of being smashed as long as they're there.
  • Matt Bluestone and partner since Elisa's disappearance (Arleen Quinn, a profile to eventually come), are assigned to the NYPD Gargoyle Task Force, a now permanent institution.  It is during an attempt to visit Matt to discuss this that Elisa and Goliath are attacked by the Quarrymen.  Here too, Vinny comes to their rescue.
Invitation Only
  • With the Clan preparing for Halloween and the Halloween Ball being held at the Eyrie Building, Elisa experiences a moment of hefty depression.  While she encountered a number of new human friends and dealt with quite a bit of exposure during the World Tour, the public exposure of the Gargoyles since then has continued to haunt her.  For her, every glimpse of the Gargoyles now, even under the anonymity of presumed humanity that a costumed ball would bring, brings with it the possibility of being seen and recognized by someone she knows.  Having carefully limited the number of people who know about her to family and a few friends, this remains a daunting possibility.  Goliath, of course, tells her she does not need to attend if she does not wish to.  Reluctantly, she agrees--if for the rare chance to be out with people with him.
  • Obviously, no temporary break-up between Goliath and Elisa.
  • The check of the Labyrinth still occurs (though Elisa goes instead of Goliath), and Delilah actually agrees to go to the party with Brooklyn  (since Delilah is a partial clone of Elisa, she's not entirely sure what to make of that).

  • Obviously, no relationship drama between Goliath and Elisa here.  Deliah, as stated above, is in attendance with Brooklyn, who utterly fails to generate any kind of chemistry or spark with the clone.
  • Elisa, in keeping with a pattern established on the previous Halloween, dresses as a Disney character, in this case, Esmeralda from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  (The Trio and Hudson enjoyed the movie, as did Elisa.  Goliath was very grumpy about the movie's gargoyles.)
  • Otherwise pretty accurate to the comic's general events.  Thailog's attack, Goliath's being wounded, etc.

  • Again, with the romantic tension between Elisa and Goliath long gone by this point in this universe, that plot point does not occur, but, of course, does little to lessen Elisa's concern for a wounded Goliath.  If anything, the notion of spending the rest of her Gargoyle life without him makes his near-fatal injury all the more heart-breaking for her.
  • Delilah gets a bit less of a crowning moment of awesome, since she doesn't get to tell off Goliath here, but still gets her nice moment of refusing Thailog (and likely gives Brooklyn a bit of a "I am not a prize" speech of his own).
  • Dr. Sato (who had operated on and saved Elisa's life when she had been shot back in "Deadly Force"), recognizes Elisa during his efforts to save Goliath, creating an awkward moment once Goliath is out of danger... but one in which she largely brushes off and refuses to supply details on.
  • The other big events of this ep--things like Brentwood siding with Thailog and Thailog's collection of DNA from the Clan, occurr.

The Rock
  • Mostly minor differences.  Elisa elects to remain in New York with the others (though unlike Goliath, she's less oblivious to Brooklyn's moodiness).
  • Elisa's reaction to learning that Maggie is pregnant starts her thinking again about the fact that she and Goliath can have children together, but questions what kind of life any children (Maggie's or hers) would have.  It leads to a long, but eventually reassuring conversation with Goliath.  Elisa continues to dodge Sato's questions about what happened to her.
Rock and Roll
  • No changes.  Occurs as is.
Rock of Ages
  • No significant changes.

Which brings Elisa's universe pretty much up to date (when the New Year rolls around, the Phoenix Gate stuff may get adapted into this universe, maybe not).
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Hunter's Moon, Part One
  • Jason Canmore is partnered with Matt Bluestone instead (a temporary reassignment.  Matt has had another partner, not privy to the Gargoyles secret since shortly after Elisa went "missing).
  • Elisa assists the Trio against Demona.
  • No romantic-angsty sub-plot between Elisa and Jason, naturally

Part Two
  • Elisa again saves Angela's life with CPR.
  • She remains at the clocktower, while Goliath takes Brooklyn and Lexington to attack the Hunter's airship, Goliath trusting her to watch over and protect Angela, should they strike there.
  • No romantic connection between Jason and Elisa.

Part Three
  • Elisa takes the destruction of the Clock Tower and the revelation of the Gargoyles existence to the world especially hard, and is extremely thankful none of the shots of the Gargoyle on TV show her face.
  • Elisa and Jason are still knocked from the dam during that battle, but Elisa manages to save the both of them by gliding slowing their fall, but not so much that Jon Canmore doesn't believe them both still dead, vowing revenge.   Goliath and the others, however, discover this is not the case, and bring Jason with them to the battle at the Cathedral, where Jon still manages to injure his brother.
  • Elisa pitches a royal fit over the prospect of going anywhere with Xantos, but Goliath pulls rank and she reluctantly submits.
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The Green
Absent some daytime interaction between Elisa and the Mayan Gargoyles, this episode is largely identical to the real one.  The ability of the Mayan Gargoyles to operate in daylight has a depressing effect upon Elisa, who has not seen the sun in a number of months by this point.

Not an episode of the cartoon, but from the SLG comic, and taking place during the World Tour.  It fits just as well after The Green as anywhere else.
Elisa holds her own against Coldstone a little bit better here than in the comic, naturally, but otherwise, this is about the same.

Probably occurs in some sort of seriously butchered form.  This is one I've not completely figured out yet.   Something may trigger temporary amnesia in Elisa, erasing her memories of being a Gargoyle and the other Gargoyles and such, which could still provide some form of amnesia plot.  Have to work this one out further.

Elisa is, naturally, included with the captured Gargoyles.  The Ishimuran Clan's human allies manage to locate them on their own.   The unique relationship between the Ishimuran Gargoyles and their humans gives the travelers something to think about when it comes to the nature of their own Clan's relationship with their city.

Cloud Fathers

Not too significantly different.  Elisa begins thinking, however briefly, again on how any children she and Goliath might have will be raised, and how human or Gargolye, so to speak, they will be.

Ill Met by Moonlight
Though gunless, Elisa's pulling of a more medieval weapon on Oberon, combined with Titania's hint, still gives the heroes the clue they need to defeat Oberon.  
As a Gargoyle, Elisa's is extended the magical protection that falls upon the others.  Oberon is cognizant of her unique condition, but does not bring it up.

Future Tense

Largely unchanged.

The Gathering

No relationship angst between Goliath and Elisa here! 

Part 2

Elisa experiences great reluctance in coming to the aid of Xanatos, but tells herself they're doing it for the kid.
The revelation that Owen is Puck, well, let's just say that pisses the hell out of Elisa. 
Oberon reveals that even he cannot undo Elisa's transformation, since it was achieved through both Puck's own magic and Titania's mirror.  Elisa, though she had more or less come to terms with her new life, will grapple with this confirmation of permanence for some time.
Elisa generally disbelieves the notion that Xanatos has any intention of giving up the feud.


More or less identical; Elisa's not in this ep.  ;-)

Takes place at more or less the same time as Vendettas and is a much modified episode.
  • The Clan's involvement in the goings on and turf war in NYC is more coincidental and lacks Elisa's undercover job.
  • Elisa gives Dracon the fright of his life when he "recognizes" her.
  • Elisa's advising Angela on dealing with the Trio carries more resonance, as she's more readily stepping into something of a maternal role here.
  • The Clock Tower has become somewhat uncomfortably crowded, with Angela now living there as well.

The Reckoning
  • Evidence of heavier tension between Derek/Talon and Elisa.  Both are victims of transformation because of Elisa's association with the Clan, but while Elisa is still grappling with her situation, her general outlook is one of acceptance, while Talon and the Mutates still hold out hope for a cure.  Conflict over Elisa's relationship with Goliath is also highlighted.
  • Delilah still exists, though wholly Gargoyle, is still a product of mixing Elisa's DNA with Demona's.

--sometime in-between these episodes, Goliath and Elisa formally take on each other as mates, in a ceremony that blends traditions.

Elisa is present with the true Goliath and Hudson when held hostage.

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An episode with quite a few differences.
  • Elisa is not separated from the others in Act One, and instead encounters Raven with the others.  Owing to her own condition being a result of Fey magic, Raven is a bit suspicious of her...  and she of him.  Something in the story he tells Goliath does not sound right at all.
  • Raven carefully arranges an accident to separate Elisa from the others, giving him time.
  • A chance encounter from that puts Elisa and Natsilani/Nick in the same place, which leads to Elisa's meeting Grandmother, who offers a different story than that which Raven told.
  • Raven tries to set Goliath, Angel, and Bronx against Grandmother, but is foiled in this.
  • the rest of the episode mostly tracks, with the showdown between Natsilani and Raven.
Taking place in and around the same time as the Avalon trilogy, this episode is virtually identical, though Brooklyn, having not been picked as second in this continuity, but still being tutored in the same, has a bit of a rougher ride.

  • Elisa's attempt to phone Matt requires a bit more secrecy, but otherwise occurs, and takes advantage of the fact that she's overall more human looking than either Goliath or Angela.
  • Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx's attempts to find Angela after she's taken requires a bit more nighttime detective work, but a few stretching it contrived coincidences have it work out.
  • Finding out Goliath is her biological father and seeing his closeness with Elisa, Angela is moved to act on her new information more quickly than in the mainstream universe, revealing what she knows and questioning if Elisa is her mother.  None of this conversation goes particularly well, with Elisa and Goliath actually getting into a verbal fight over what it means now that the cat is out of the bag, along with providing some measure of Elisa's history to Angela.  The arguments go nowhere (with Elisa mostly on Angela's side) and will be revisited again in the World Tour.

Minor cosmetic changes in the plot.  The overall argument over Goliath acknowledging Angela as his daughter continues.  Things remain tense between Goliath and Elisa.


  • The travelers arrive at night, just after sunset local time, and learn of what's going on with Demona and Macbeth via the newspaper (as well as the Demon haunting Notre Dame, which causes no end of confusion).  Elisa and Goliath put aside their argument long enough to investigate, reluctantly agreeing to have Angela stay behind for the moment, in order to protect her from Demona.
  • the rest of the episode proceeds more or less in the same way.
  • Goliath and Elisa talk through the revelation of her parentage with Angela, working through some of their own argument in the process.
  • With dawn a little too close to travel again, Goliath and Elisa spend some time in the city as best they can.  Goliath essentially proposes.
Essentially unchanged.

Largely unchanged.  The revelation that Gargoyles can live more than twice as long as humans, however, gives Elisa something to ponder over, with the thought of outliving all her human friends staying in her head for some time.

The Hound of Ulster

Essentially unchanged.


Mark of the Panther
  • The arguments between Goliath and Angela are a bit downplayed compared to the original, with Goliath refusing less and more struggling to understand what exactly it is Angela wants of him.
  • The existence of the Gargoyles does not come as a surprise to Elisa's mother.
  • Elisa grapples with telling her mother the exact nature of the relationship between herself and Goliath, especially in light of the modified version of Sanctuary.  She's gotten her own head on straight with regards to her feelings, but isn't so sure about how anyone else, especially her family, will react.  When it does come out, her mother reveals she'd figured out how Elisa felt about Goliath from the moment she saw the two of them together back not long after my version of The Mirror.
  • Goliath and Angela resolve their relationship issues at last.

Unchanged.  Elisa isn't even in this episode.

Eye of the Storm
Another more modified episode.
  • With less to bargain with, owing to Gargoyle resistance to the cold, Odin is more confrontational in his initial encounter with the travelers.
  • Odin's harassment of the travels and the natives, however, still pushes Goliath to use the eye to battle him.
  • No daytime interludes with Goliath and Elisa, but still plenty of suspicion over the power corrupting him.
  • Otherwise proceeds as normal, albeit with Elisa able to make more heartfelt pleas toward Goliath for sanity, thanks to their closer relationship.

The New Olympians
a... significantly different episode.
  • without a human Elisa, the central conflict of this episode is much removed, visa vie the bigotry of the New Olympians, but still focuses in on the conflict between outsiders and the New Olympians.
  • Introduction of the New Olympian Gargoyle Clan
  • Proteus still frees himself via a brief power failure and takes advantage of the outsiders presence in that.

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General chronology seen here.

From The Mirror onward....
  • Elisa is permanently transformed into a Gargoyle.
  • Matt Bluestone is made aware of her condition; Elisa's parents are brought in on this and the existence of the Clan.
  • While hardly perfect or airtight, a cover story is concocted along similar lines to Derek/Talon's disappearance to cover for Elisa's absence.
  • Goliath and Hudson alternate tutoring Elisa in gliding, fighting, etc, with her new body.  There's also a very embarrassing (and not completely welcome) version of "The Talk."
  • Elisa and Goliath share a number of extremely awkward moments, culminating in them revealing their feelings for each other much more openly and directly, and much earlier in this universe.
  • Sometime before City of Stone, Xanatos discovers the existence of a new Gargoyle to the Clan, though he is unable to determine the reasons for it, nor get an answer out of Owen.
Other Episodes
City of Stone Part One
Very minor cosmetic changes for the most part, brought about by the addition of one more Gargoyle.  Elisa's brief confrontation with Owen in the original episode is handled by Matt, while Demona's near slaying of stone-Elisa fails to occur.  Bronx still stalls her long enough to be confronted by MacBeth.

High Noon
My version of this episode can be seen here.
Coldstone passes off the tidbit that Demona possesses the ability to become human during the day.

Occurs essentially without changes.  Elisa is barely in the original episode.

Double Jeopardy
Basically unchanged.  The part of Elisa in the very first encounter with Thailog probably goes to Matt.  Thailog is extra-skeevy towards Elisa.

Seen here: Elisa, with a certain degree of reluctance, takes on the position of second-in-command.  At the same time, she begins passing along tips and tricks and encouragement to Brooklyn, still clinging to the off-chance that she will one day be human again.

The Price
Elisa leads the defense against the Macbeth robot's attacks of the Gargoyles and the Hudson statue and begins to piece together that something isn't right early in the ep, but otherwise doesn't know what to do with the information.   Broadway has no almost smashed flying fall.

Avalon, part 1
Elisa, Goliath, and Bronx encounter Tom on a "date"/"dog-walking" in the later part of the evening in Central Park.  Elisa dodges some questions as to where she's from, since she's not a Gargoyle Tom knows or recognizes.

Avalon, part 2

Elisa later--privately--presses the issue of Angela's parentage and calls the whole "sons and daughters belong to the whole clan" thing into question, including questioning whether Goliath expects that of her.  Little by little, her acceptance of her own condition is showing more and more.  She reluctantly agrees not to raise the issue with anyone else.  Elisa continues to dodge questions about her origins.

Avalon, part 3
Elisa has a slightly easier time awakening King Arthur, and later gets a more even footed-fight with Demona, while not depriving Princess Katherine of her Mama Bear moment.

Shadows of the Past
No major changes.

Soft Reboot

Nov. 3rd, 2010 11:26 pm
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Rebooting a bit, just to clear out some continuity (mostly Nexus continuity), along with some in universe events and such that happened, just for simplicity's sake and to get me writing again.

Timeline and events

Episodes Awakening through A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time occur.

Revelations  and The Cage  occur.

The Mirror occurs.  It differs most noticeably in the conclusion

variations of the remaining episodes, up through The Journey, some of which are categorized under the Memories tag, occur.  Some differ significantly, some are largely the same.

---Notable variations:
1) Elisa is made second-in-command during the events of Upgrade.
2) Elisa and Goliath become mates shortly after the return from Avalon.
3) And more as I rework some of this out.

which puts Elisa somewhere in mid-late 1996, or roughly where the SLG comic picked up.

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I'm going to do a combined entry for talking about two of our new Clan members, Othello and Desdemona, since the story of one is the story of the other.  Pieced together from conversations with Goliath, Hudson, Othello, and Desdemona, along with some of the stuff I was actually around for.

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Since I don't think I could really say enough about Bronx to fill up an entry, I'm going to skip him for now and instead talk about Matt.


Mar. 5th, 2007 11:13 pm
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Movng back to talking about the people in my life, I come to Hudson.


Mar. 3rd, 2007 07:15 pm
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And for the last of the Trio entries, we come to Brooklyn.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 08:42 pm
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Moving on with the Trio, Lex is up.


Mar. 1st, 2007 08:36 pm
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Moving on from the immediate family--so to speak--the next person on my list to talk about is Broadway.


Feb. 28th, 2007 09:31 pm
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Next up on the list to talk about is Angela.


Feb. 27th, 2007 08:09 pm
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The first in what I intend to be a series of journal entries, talking about the different members of my Clan.  Up first, of course, is the Big Guy.

Goliath )
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This time, I'd like to share some basic information on Gargoyles, as well as talk about some of the other Gargoyle Clans around the world.

Like humans, no two Gargoyles look exactly alike.  In addition, just like humans, there are so pretty identifable regional differences when it comes to us.
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Since I shared my friends and family in the last post, I'll talk about some of the bad guys from my world, and a few other things too.

Next time, Gargoyles facts and Gargoyles around the world!
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It occurs to me that I've made mention of a lot of things and people, without really going into a lot of detail.  So I suppose that's what the big purpose of all this is.
Pictures! )
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