Nov. 10th, 2010

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Hunter's Moon, Part One
  • Jason Canmore is partnered with Matt Bluestone instead (a temporary reassignment.  Matt has had another partner, not privy to the Gargoyles secret since shortly after Elisa went "missing).
  • Elisa assists the Trio against Demona.
  • No romantic-angsty sub-plot between Elisa and Jason, naturally

Part Two
  • Elisa again saves Angela's life with CPR.
  • She remains at the clocktower, while Goliath takes Brooklyn and Lexington to attack the Hunter's airship, Goliath trusting her to watch over and protect Angela, should they strike there.
  • No romantic connection between Jason and Elisa.

Part Three
  • Elisa takes the destruction of the Clock Tower and the revelation of the Gargoyles existence to the world especially hard, and is extremely thankful none of the shots of the Gargoyle on TV show her face.
  • Elisa and Jason are still knocked from the dam during that battle, but Elisa manages to save the both of them by gliding slowing their fall, but not so much that Jon Canmore doesn't believe them both still dead, vowing revenge.   Goliath and the others, however, discover this is not the case, and bring Jason with them to the battle at the Cathedral, where Jon still manages to injure his brother.
  • Elisa pitches a royal fit over the prospect of going anywhere with Xantos, but Goliath pulls rank and she reluctantly submits.


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