Nov. 5th, 2010

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General chronology seen here.

From The Mirror onward....
  • Elisa is permanently transformed into a Gargoyle.
  • Matt Bluestone is made aware of her condition; Elisa's parents are brought in on this and the existence of the Clan.
  • While hardly perfect or airtight, a cover story is concocted along similar lines to Derek/Talon's disappearance to cover for Elisa's absence.
  • Goliath and Hudson alternate tutoring Elisa in gliding, fighting, etc, with her new body.  There's also a very embarrassing (and not completely welcome) version of "The Talk."
  • Elisa and Goliath share a number of extremely awkward moments, culminating in them revealing their feelings for each other much more openly and directly, and much earlier in this universe.
  • Sometime before City of Stone, Xanatos discovers the existence of a new Gargoyle to the Clan, though he is unable to determine the reasons for it, nor get an answer out of Owen.
Other Episodes
City of Stone Part One
Very minor cosmetic changes for the most part, brought about by the addition of one more Gargoyle.  Elisa's brief confrontation with Owen in the original episode is handled by Matt, while Demona's near slaying of stone-Elisa fails to occur.  Bronx still stalls her long enough to be confronted by MacBeth.

High Noon
My version of this episode can be seen here.
Coldstone passes off the tidbit that Demona possesses the ability to become human during the day.

Occurs essentially without changes.  Elisa is barely in the original episode.

Double Jeopardy
Basically unchanged.  The part of Elisa in the very first encounter with Thailog probably goes to Matt.  Thailog is extra-skeevy towards Elisa.

Seen here: Elisa, with a certain degree of reluctance, takes on the position of second-in-command.  At the same time, she begins passing along tips and tricks and encouragement to Brooklyn, still clinging to the off-chance that she will one day be human again.

The Price
Elisa leads the defense against the Macbeth robot's attacks of the Gargoyles and the Hudson statue and begins to piece together that something isn't right early in the ep, but otherwise doesn't know what to do with the information.   Broadway has no almost smashed flying fall.

Avalon, part 1
Elisa, Goliath, and Bronx encounter Tom on a "date"/"dog-walking" in the later part of the evening in Central Park.  Elisa dodges some questions as to where she's from, since she's not a Gargoyle Tom knows or recognizes.

Avalon, part 2

Elisa later--privately--presses the issue of Angela's parentage and calls the whole "sons and daughters belong to the whole clan" thing into question, including questioning whether Goliath expects that of her.  Little by little, her acceptance of her own condition is showing more and more.  She reluctantly agrees not to raise the issue with anyone else.  Elisa continues to dodge questions about her origins.

Avalon, part 3
Elisa has a slightly easier time awakening King Arthur, and later gets a more even footed-fight with Demona, while not depriving Princess Katherine of her Mama Bear moment.

Shadows of the Past
No major changes.


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