Nov. 6th, 2010

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An episode with quite a few differences.
  • Elisa is not separated from the others in Act One, and instead encounters Raven with the others.  Owing to her own condition being a result of Fey magic, Raven is a bit suspicious of her...  and she of him.  Something in the story he tells Goliath does not sound right at all.
  • Raven carefully arranges an accident to separate Elisa from the others, giving him time.
  • A chance encounter from that puts Elisa and Natsilani/Nick in the same place, which leads to Elisa's meeting Grandmother, who offers a different story than that which Raven told.
  • Raven tries to set Goliath, Angel, and Bronx against Grandmother, but is foiled in this.
  • the rest of the episode mostly tracks, with the showdown between Natsilani and Raven.
Taking place in and around the same time as the Avalon trilogy, this episode is virtually identical, though Brooklyn, having not been picked as second in this continuity, but still being tutored in the same, has a bit of a rougher ride.

  • Elisa's attempt to phone Matt requires a bit more secrecy, but otherwise occurs, and takes advantage of the fact that she's overall more human looking than either Goliath or Angela.
  • Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx's attempts to find Angela after she's taken requires a bit more nighttime detective work, but a few stretching it contrived coincidences have it work out.
  • Finding out Goliath is her biological father and seeing his closeness with Elisa, Angela is moved to act on her new information more quickly than in the mainstream universe, revealing what she knows and questioning if Elisa is her mother.  None of this conversation goes particularly well, with Elisa and Goliath actually getting into a verbal fight over what it means now that the cat is out of the bag, along with providing some measure of Elisa's history to Angela.  The arguments go nowhere (with Elisa mostly on Angela's side) and will be revisited again in the World Tour.

Minor cosmetic changes in the plot.  The overall argument over Goliath acknowledging Angela as his daughter continues.  Things remain tense between Goliath and Elisa.


  • The travelers arrive at night, just after sunset local time, and learn of what's going on with Demona and Macbeth via the newspaper (as well as the Demon haunting Notre Dame, which causes no end of confusion).  Elisa and Goliath put aside their argument long enough to investigate, reluctantly agreeing to have Angela stay behind for the moment, in order to protect her from Demona.
  • the rest of the episode proceeds more or less in the same way.
  • Goliath and Elisa talk through the revelation of her parentage with Angela, working through some of their own argument in the process.
  • With dawn a little too close to travel again, Goliath and Elisa spend some time in the city as best they can.  Goliath essentially proposes.
Essentially unchanged.

Largely unchanged.  The revelation that Gargoyles can live more than twice as long as humans, however, gives Elisa something to ponder over, with the thought of outliving all her human friends staying in her head for some time.

The Hound of Ulster

Essentially unchanged.


Mark of the Panther
  • The arguments between Goliath and Angela are a bit downplayed compared to the original, with Goliath refusing less and more struggling to understand what exactly it is Angela wants of him.
  • The existence of the Gargoyles does not come as a surprise to Elisa's mother.
  • Elisa grapples with telling her mother the exact nature of the relationship between herself and Goliath, especially in light of the modified version of Sanctuary.  She's gotten her own head on straight with regards to her feelings, but isn't so sure about how anyone else, especially her family, will react.  When it does come out, her mother reveals she'd figured out how Elisa felt about Goliath from the moment she saw the two of them together back not long after my version of The Mirror.
  • Goliath and Angela resolve their relationship issues at last.

Unchanged.  Elisa isn't even in this episode.

Eye of the Storm
Another more modified episode.
  • With less to bargain with, owing to Gargoyle resistance to the cold, Odin is more confrontational in his initial encounter with the travelers.
  • Odin's harassment of the travels and the natives, however, still pushes Goliath to use the eye to battle him.
  • No daytime interludes with Goliath and Elisa, but still plenty of suspicion over the power corrupting him.
  • Otherwise proceeds as normal, albeit with Elisa able to make more heartfelt pleas toward Goliath for sanity, thanks to their closer relationship.

The New Olympians
a... significantly different episode.
  • without a human Elisa, the central conflict of this episode is much removed, visa vie the bigotry of the New Olympians, but still focuses in on the conflict between outsiders and the New Olympians.
  • Introduction of the New Olympian Gargoyle Clan
  • Proteus still frees himself via a brief power failure and takes advantage of the outsiders presence in that.


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