Nov. 29th, 2010

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Looking back over and having rewatched the episodes (along with a desire to keep everything as close to the real timeline as possible...), the only two episodes that absolutely have to occur before The Mirror in this universe are The Silver Falcon, Revelations  and The CageMatt being clued in and the revelations of what happened to Derek are too necessary for the rest of the universe to proceed smoothly.

Following The Mirror (and the events listed in various journal entries here)

Eye of the Beholder
  • At this point, it has been about a month since Elisa was changed into a Gargoyle.  She's gone through boot camp and begun working and patrolling with the others fully.  She and Goliath had a talk about their feelings, and while they are still taking things very slowly, are very much enjoying each other's company.
  • The Trio remains excited about Halloween.  Elisa sees this as little more than a reminder of everything she's lost, losing some of the ground she's made in trying to keep herself focused and not depressed.  Goliath admits to not fully understanding the holiday, but makes an effort to try and get Elisa to go out with him, reminding her that on this one night, at least, things can be as they were.  Reluctantly, she agrees, with the provision that they'll leave the festivities if she asks to.
  • The rest of the episode occurs reasonably on course, with the encounters with Xanatos and Fox.  This marks the first meeting between Xanatos and Elisa since her transformation, and it goes badly, especially with comparisons of the "werefox" to Derek in Elisa's mind.

  • Elisa, of course, still heavily objects to Goliath's going to Fox and Xanatos's wedding, especially with Demona being there.  (There's likely some very irrational jealousy on her part here; she continues to barely hold herself together and Goliath remains her one true rock of certainty).
  • Goliath himself is more reluctant to go, having none of his desire to rekindle anything with Demona as he does in the real universe.  He still does, however, on the off-chance that he can prevent anything that might happen with their enemies in the same place.  For reasons he cannot explain, he brings his half of the Phoenix Gate with him.
  • Goliath still attempts to reach out to Demona, though less in love, than in simply trying, once more, to reach the person he thought he knew.
  • The rest of the episode goes pretty much on track (Demona gets in a few cracks about how Elisa's enjoying her new life, goading and getting the better of Goliath at different points).

  • It's more accurate to say this episode does not occur.
  • Elisa and the Gargoyles do continue to work against Dracon's operation. 


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