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This takes place several months ago, back during the time I was still traveling around all corners of globe on the skiff from Avalon.  Goliath, Angela, Bronx, and I had ended up in Paris, where we'd encountered Demona, MacBeth, and Thailog.  By and large, it was a pretty complicated little affair, with Demona, in her human indentity of Dominque Destine marrying MacBeth (who himself used the alias Lennox MacDuff) in order to keep him prisoner forever, keeping her immortality, and therefor gaining access to his fortune.  Demona had also met Thailog somewhere along the way and, in a rather screwed up relationship, taken him as her new mate.  And during the whole mess, Thailog was planning on betraying her, tricking her into killing MacBeth so he could have all the money.

We stopped all of this, and in the process, made something of an ally out of MacBeth.  Too close to dawn to try and return to Avalon, Goliath had asked me to go glidiing over the city with him.  Angela, shocked by the revelation that Demona was her mother, had already said she'd wanted time alone with her thoughts, and while I was slightly worried...  Well, it was Paris with Goliath.  If that made me a little selfish, so be it.

We landed on the roof of a small building and stood there, gazing at the city.   Though Goliath and I had been a 'couple' for several months now, it was still something of a strange relationship.  Both of us deeply in love, sometimes with no problems expressing it, sometimes more hesitant.  And right at the moment, Goliath seemed, if anything, somehow distracted...  So I took some iniative, slipping my arm through his, and then, tenatively, snaking my tail around his.

He looked at me and smiled.  "Have I told you lately," he said, "how much I love you?"

"Well, you have, but I don't mind hearing it again."

He turned to face me, one hand on my shoulder, the other stroking my hair.  "You complete me in a way I had grown to think was lost, impossible.  With your friendship and love, life truly became worth living again and the nights did not seem so dark, so lonely, when I had you to share them with."

Goliath had told me these things before, but now, now there seemed to be something else, something more behind his words.  "Flatterer," I said.

He seemed to hesitate, as though unsure of what he wanted to say.  "Goliath.  What's on your mind?"

"Seeing Demona and Thailog together...  I am uncertain of what to make of it."

"Look, Big Guy, you loved her once.  And seeing her with someone who, in some strange way, is kinda you, well, frankly, I'd be more concerned if it didn't confuse you."

"I do not deserve you..."

"Don't say that.  I'm way lucky to have you," I said.  "You've been... amazing.  Being okay with taking things slow, standing by me through everything...  Forgiving me for being ashamed of my feelings for so long..."

"We are both fortunate, you and I.  Elisa, my love... "

He took a deep breath, steadying himself.  I waited to hear what he had to say, half guessing, half uncertain, half afraid--and yes, I know that's too many halves.

"I cannot imagine a world without in it it.  I treasure every moment we spend together.  Only one thing could make me happier..."

He took my hands in his.  "I do not know what the future will hold.  Even with the other Clans we have discovered, it is still an uncertain world for Gargoyles.  A dangerous one even.  But I do know that after having drank from the cup of true love, I cannot face it alone again.  I need you by my side and in my heart.  Elisa, let us be one, now and forever.  Let us be mates  I know I have little to truly offer you in this world, except for my love.  I hope that is enough."

My mouth fell open in surprise.  We'd been together for months; I should have expected it sooner or later, but it still caught me flat-footed.  I'd made my peace with my feelings, with being a Gargoyle for the rest of my life, but this?  It seemed to sudden, so...


Every little girl dreams of finding the right guy.  And I knew I had.  And somehow?  The fact that this wasn't a tradition proposal, no ring, no 'marry me'...  It was all the more romantic.  Maybe some of it's just semantics, but this was one more part of another world, reaching out to embrace me.   It was the final step, the full admission of our love.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," I said, when I recovered my ability to speak, my eyes wet with tears of happiness.  "And never, never doubt that I need anything more than you.  I...  Oh, Goliath..."

He pulled me close, wrapping his wings around my body and held me.  I pulled him into a kiss and that's where we were, still locked in an embrace, when the sun rose.

My mate, my husband, my companion, my partner, my lover...  Whatever you want to call him, I am grateful for Goliath and the joy I get from sharing my life with him.

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"Thanks, Jack. Both of you. And you're right. I've been lucky to be a part of such a great family."


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