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September 28, 1996

It had already been one of the happiest nights of my life, the night of my wedding to Goliath (or, as the others in the Clan called it, our “Mating Ceremony”). Everyone had worked so hard to make it right. Hudson had risked much and revealed our real identity to his human friend, the blind author, Jeffery Robbins and asked that we be able to hold the ceremony as his home. Broadway had baked and cooked up a storm, ably assisted by Angela. Brooklyn and Lexington had been drafted into service under Mom’s direction setting up the decorations and everything else. My father and sister had, with a little help from Maggie, convinced my brother to come, in spite of his objections. Matt called in a few favors and got flowers for the decorations.

The dress—which has fit perfectly—had been delivered to my parent’s home back in July, not long after the fight with Oberon. The card included with it had simply said, “For whenever Ms. Maza needs it. One small step toward repayment. –X” Damn the man’s ability to predict people. But it had been a missing piece, one I’d eventually reluctantly accepted. Besides… I looked damn good in it.

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January 26, 1996

During the Avalon World Tour, we had many adventures and met a wide variety of people, but nothing was quite so scary as the time the skiff brought us to Egypt.  There, we had battled the Pack, on loan from Xanatos, who were in the employ the of the Emir.  The Emir sought to use a spell to become the Avatar of Anubis, the Egyptian god of death (having previously met Odin, this did not come as as big a surprise as it should have).  The Emir wanted to bring his son back to life, but Jackal interrupted the spell and became the Avatar himself.

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Late November, 1995

I'd never been much of a praying woman before, outside of some very general, dear God, let me make it out of this alive sort of way, but often after my transformation, I found myself in prayer.  Prayers for sanity. Prayers for it all to make sense.  Prayers for my life back.  Prayers to... God?  The universe?  Fate?  I'm not entirely sure.
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Early October, 1995

Slightly less than two weeks had passed since I had been permanently transformed into a Gargoyle. In spite of the brave face I had put on for my family and even tried to put on for Goliath and the others, my mood was mercurial, ranging from utterly depressed to dead inside to angry. These moods came quickly and intensely, confusing me even more as Gargoyle instincts waged war with a human mind. I had seen Goliath brood deeply before or quickly rise to anger and now I understood why.

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Late September, 1995

One minute I had been discussing the theft of Titania’s Mirror with the guys (along with learning about the existence of the so-called “Third Race”), the next I’d been lifted into the air by a green, bright light that filled the clock tower. When it faded, I saw the guys staring at me and felt weak on my feet. Something had changed, I could tell that much. But what? I closed my eyes and put a hand to my forehead.

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