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Though it had technically passed into being her birthday when it passed midnight on December 30, Elisa had decided to wait until after sunset on the 31th to actually celebrate it, largely because more of the important people who would be involved would be awake for that. The party itself was being held at the Labyrinth, because her family had no desire to set foot inside the Eyire Building. Things were tense enough that she was living there after everything Xanatos had done to their family, but it would not be an issue talked about tonight. Elisa still did not trust Xanatos entirely, but she was willing to believe that the long feud was indeed over.

The Gargoyles awoke in their usual fashion, with roars and stone skin cracking. And almost immediately, Goliath embraced her. "Happy Birthday, my love," he told her, as he stroked her hair, wrapping his wings around her.

"Love you too, Big Guy," she told him. "And thank-you, for remembering. I know birthdays aren't a big thing to you guys..." She wasn't even technically sure if it could really be counted as her birthday. In some strange way, this was the body of a Gargoyle who had hatched. Which also meant that her age was probably not quite the same. And... well, it made a person go cross-eyed to think about too much.

"But it is important to you," Goliath said. "That is all that matters."

The relationship between a Gargoyle and a Gargoyle who used to be human, who still in many ways thought of herself as one was always going to be complicated, always going to be made of compromises and new ways of doing things. But they could do it. Their love was strong enough.

Hard to believe it had been more than a year since she'd been transformed, more than a year since she'd seen the sun. She was not the same woman she had once been, that much was certain. Uncertainty and depression had given way to acceptance, had given way to becoming Goliath's mate and deciding not to look back any longer. Had she adapted too quickly? Had she shucked human life too easily? Hardly. There were still many things that nearly broke her heart if she dwelled upon them too much. But there was much good in her life as well. She focused on those things and, like her brother before her, made her life with the hand that was dealt. But if offered the opportunity to be human again, Elisa believed she would turn it down. After all that had happened to her, all that she had experienced, she wasn't entirely sure she could fit into a regular--such as it had been before, at least--existence again.

The birthday party itself would go fairly harmlessly, the gifts enjoyed, the two Clans and her family, along with friend Matt Bluestone, coming together to celebrate it, while they also awaited the countdown to New Year's Eve.

The cake, however...

Written across it in icing was "Happy Fifty-Sixth Birthday."


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