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Having exhausted the episodes of the cartoon (or at least, as much as I'm willing to consider canon), at least some of what occurred in the briefly published Gargoyles comic by Slave Labor Graphics is the basis for some of the canon of Elisa's universe.

and The Journey
  • Despite her severe distrust of the man and general dislike of him on principle (especially after what he's done to Derek), Elisa acquiesces to Goliath's desire to make the castle the Clan's home again, agreeing that, whatever else might happen, they're at least in no danger of being smashed as long as they're there.
  • Matt Bluestone and partner since Elisa's disappearance (Arleen Quinn, a profile to eventually come), are assigned to the NYPD Gargoyle Task Force, a now permanent institution.  It is during an attempt to visit Matt to discuss this that Elisa and Goliath are attacked by the Quarrymen.  Here too, Vinny comes to their rescue.
Invitation Only
  • With the Clan preparing for Halloween and the Halloween Ball being held at the Eyrie Building, Elisa experiences a moment of hefty depression.  While she encountered a number of new human friends and dealt with quite a bit of exposure during the World Tour, the public exposure of the Gargoyles since then has continued to haunt her.  For her, every glimpse of the Gargoyles now, even under the anonymity of presumed humanity that a costumed ball would bring, brings with it the possibility of being seen and recognized by someone she knows.  Having carefully limited the number of people who know about her to family and a few friends, this remains a daunting possibility.  Goliath, of course, tells her she does not need to attend if she does not wish to.  Reluctantly, she agrees--if for the rare chance to be out with people with him.
  • Obviously, no temporary break-up between Goliath and Elisa.
  • The check of the Labyrinth still occurs (though Elisa goes instead of Goliath), and Delilah actually agrees to go to the party with Brooklyn  (since Delilah is a partial clone of Elisa, she's not entirely sure what to make of that).

  • Obviously, no relationship drama between Goliath and Elisa here.  Deliah, as stated above, is in attendance with Brooklyn, who utterly fails to generate any kind of chemistry or spark with the clone.
  • Elisa, in keeping with a pattern established on the previous Halloween, dresses as a Disney character, in this case, Esmeralda from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  (The Trio and Hudson enjoyed the movie, as did Elisa.  Goliath was very grumpy about the movie's gargoyles.)
  • Otherwise pretty accurate to the comic's general events.  Thailog's attack, Goliath's being wounded, etc.

  • Again, with the romantic tension between Elisa and Goliath long gone by this point in this universe, that plot point does not occur, but, of course, does little to lessen Elisa's concern for a wounded Goliath.  If anything, the notion of spending the rest of her Gargoyle life without him makes his near-fatal injury all the more heart-breaking for her.
  • Delilah gets a bit less of a crowning moment of awesome, since she doesn't get to tell off Goliath here, but still gets her nice moment of refusing Thailog (and likely gives Brooklyn a bit of a "I am not a prize" speech of his own).
  • Dr. Sato (who had operated on and saved Elisa's life when she had been shot back in "Deadly Force"), recognizes Elisa during his efforts to save Goliath, creating an awkward moment once Goliath is out of danger... but one in which she largely brushes off and refuses to supply details on.
  • The other big events of this ep--things like Brentwood siding with Thailog and Thailog's collection of DNA from the Clan, occurr.

The Rock
  • Mostly minor differences.  Elisa elects to remain in New York with the others (though unlike Goliath, she's less oblivious to Brooklyn's moodiness).
  • Elisa's reaction to learning that Maggie is pregnant starts her thinking again about the fact that she and Goliath can have children together, but questions what kind of life any children (Maggie's or hers) would have.  It leads to a long, but eventually reassuring conversation with Goliath.  Elisa continues to dodge Sato's questions about what happened to her.
Rock and Roll
  • No changes.  Occurs as is.
Rock of Ages
  • No significant changes.

Which brings Elisa's universe pretty much up to date (when the New Year rolls around, the Phoenix Gate stuff may get adapted into this universe, maybe not).


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