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The Green
Absent some daytime interaction between Elisa and the Mayan Gargoyles, this episode is largely identical to the real one.  The ability of the Mayan Gargoyles to operate in daylight has a depressing effect upon Elisa, who has not seen the sun in a number of months by this point.

Not an episode of the cartoon, but from the SLG comic, and taking place during the World Tour.  It fits just as well after The Green as anywhere else.
Elisa holds her own against Coldstone a little bit better here than in the comic, naturally, but otherwise, this is about the same.

Probably occurs in some sort of seriously butchered form.  This is one I've not completely figured out yet.   Something may trigger temporary amnesia in Elisa, erasing her memories of being a Gargoyle and the other Gargoyles and such, which could still provide some form of amnesia plot.  Have to work this one out further.

Elisa is, naturally, included with the captured Gargoyles.  The Ishimuran Clan's human allies manage to locate them on their own.   The unique relationship between the Ishimuran Gargoyles and their humans gives the travelers something to think about when it comes to the nature of their own Clan's relationship with their city.

Cloud Fathers

Not too significantly different.  Elisa begins thinking, however briefly, again on how any children she and Goliath might have will be raised, and how human or Gargolye, so to speak, they will be.

Ill Met by Moonlight
Though gunless, Elisa's pulling of a more medieval weapon on Oberon, combined with Titania's hint, still gives the heroes the clue they need to defeat Oberon.  
As a Gargoyle, Elisa's is extended the magical protection that falls upon the others.  Oberon is cognizant of her unique condition, but does not bring it up.

Future Tense

Largely unchanged.

The Gathering

No relationship angst between Goliath and Elisa here! 

Part 2

Elisa experiences great reluctance in coming to the aid of Xanatos, but tells herself they're doing it for the kid.
The revelation that Owen is Puck, well, let's just say that pisses the hell out of Elisa. 
Oberon reveals that even he cannot undo Elisa's transformation, since it was achieved through both Puck's own magic and Titania's mirror.  Elisa, though she had more or less come to terms with her new life, will grapple with this confirmation of permanence for some time.
Elisa generally disbelieves the notion that Xanatos has any intention of giving up the feud.


More or less identical; Elisa's not in this ep.  ;-)

Takes place at more or less the same time as Vendettas and is a much modified episode.
  • The Clan's involvement in the goings on and turf war in NYC is more coincidental and lacks Elisa's undercover job.
  • Elisa gives Dracon the fright of his life when he "recognizes" her.
  • Elisa's advising Angela on dealing with the Trio carries more resonance, as she's more readily stepping into something of a maternal role here.
  • The Clock Tower has become somewhat uncomfortably crowded, with Angela now living there as well.

The Reckoning
  • Evidence of heavier tension between Derek/Talon and Elisa.  Both are victims of transformation because of Elisa's association with the Clan, but while Elisa is still grappling with her situation, her general outlook is one of acceptance, while Talon and the Mutates still hold out hope for a cure.  Conflict over Elisa's relationship with Goliath is also highlighted.
  • Delilah still exists, though wholly Gargoyle, is still a product of mixing Elisa's DNA with Demona's.

--sometime in-between these episodes, Goliath and Elisa formally take on each other as mates, in a ceremony that blends traditions.

Elisa is present with the true Goliath and Hudson when held hostage.


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