Dec. 29th, 2010

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Late December, 1995

What was to have been one of the strangest and biggest adventures of my life started innocently enough.  With the Trio occupied by their own pursuits and Hudson enthralled by some TV show, Goliath and I had opted for a mini-date, taking Bronx with us for a little walk and play in Central Park.  It was late enough to be secluded and, frankly, we were quick enough to get away if we were spotted.  And muggers?  Please.  I’d have actually felt sorry for anyone who tried to mug us.


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When we left Avalon, we discovered that, in Tom's words, Avalon takes you "where you need to be." We had quite a few adventures before we ended up back in New York, traveling over most of the world and reaching every continent except Antarctica. It was also incredibly awkward at first. I knew Angela was Goliath's daughter, and he knew, but she didn't. I'd agreed to keep quiet at Goliath's request, though I was not entirely happy with it. But considering part of the events of Avalon had involved fighting her own (brainwashed) mother, it definitely wasn't the time. I'd also carefully avoided any particulars about my own history, speaking even less of it than the half-lie we had told Tom, lest we complicate things further. I knew, however, she would eventually have to be told. If Angela was going to come back with us, be a member of the Clan, she deserved to know the truth. I also knew that neither of these issues were things that could be danced around for long.
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